I purchased myself a lovely Asus PadFone back in July, bit of a late birthday present to myself. The device runs on the Android OS and I have been trying to find a solution which allows me to keep my phone data up-to-date without having to consistently sync with my PC manually.

I came across an application in the Google Play store called FolderSync. This application with a bit of help from a scheduling application named Tasker has enabled me to create a rule which automatically synchronises my phones data with a NAS box I store all my documents, music, pictures and movies on.

This action happens once, thanks to the ability to set variable flags, every time the device connects to my home network. This means that the phone isn’t wasting battery on continuous synchronisation, however it is connecting at least a couple of times a day to stay updated.

This whole setup is an experiment which will hopefully enable me to install an in-car PC which will automatically update music and movies. It will also enable me to backup videos from the on-board cameras and logs from GPS sensors. More will follow when I get the car setup.


LinkedIn Logo


I have owned a profile on LinkedIn for quite a while now, however I have never really paid much attention to it. When I first joined LinkedIn the site was in its infancy, there where not many users and prospects from the site where low. However, in the time it has been alive and I have been ignoring it a lot of people have joined and I feel I have now been left behind the curve. I have recently taken to updating my information on the site and expanding on information I gave when I joined in order to fill my profile out and provide a little more of an insight to myself. This seems to have worked as since I have done these updates I have actually had an offer of work in Australia. The other thing I am now doing is linking LinkedIn to my other social networks in order to try to create a much more complete experience and with fingers crossed to attract a little more attention to myself and get those job offers rolling in. While I don’t see any major benefit in this form of social networking I am always trying new things and seeing what oppertunities arise from them. Hopefully LinkIn has some suprises up it’s sleeve in a world where it is mostly forgotten and the two main talking points are Facebook and Google+.

We’re Back!

Open for Business

We’re Back!

After trouble with getting hacked and generally low up keep of this blog we are back! I have finally got round to reinstalling the WordPress CMS and I’m back up and running.

I have a few ideas in my head as to where I would like to take this blog and how it will all pan out. Generally it is just going to be about my rather boring life, however I have an idea for a vlog series hopefully including some new up and coming technology. Hopefully the idea is something new which no-one else has come up with before me.

There is still some customisation work to be done on the blog layout itself and I intend on bombarding this over the next week or so with pictures from the holiday I am going on soon.