I purchased myself a lovely Asus PadFone back in July, bit of a late birthday present to myself. The device runs on the Android OS and I have been trying to find a solution which allows me to keep my phone data up-to-date without having to consistently sync with my PC manually.

I came across an application in the Google Play store called FolderSync. This application with a bit of help from a scheduling application named Tasker has enabled me to create a rule which automatically synchronises my phones data with a NAS box I store all my documents, music, pictures and movies on.

This action happens once, thanks to the ability to set variable flags, every time the device connects to my home network. This means that the phone isn’t wasting battery on continuous synchronisation, however it is connecting at least a couple of times a day to stay updated.

This whole setup is an experiment which will hopefully enable me to install an in-car PC which will automatically update music and movies. It will also enable me to backup videos from the on-board cameras and logs from GPS sensors. More will follow when I get the car setup.