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I have owned a profile on LinkedIn for quite a while now, however I have never really paid much attention to it. When I first joined LinkedIn the site was in its infancy, there where not many users and prospects from the site where low. However, in the time it has been alive and I have been ignoring it a lot of people have joined and I feel I have now been left behind the curve. I have recently taken to updating my information on the site and expanding on information I gave when I joined in order to fill my profile out and provide a little more of an insight to myself. This seems to have worked as since I have done these updates I have actually had an offer of work in Australia. The other thing I am now doing is linking LinkedIn to my other social networks in order to try to create a much more complete experience and with fingers crossed to attract a little more attention to myself and get those job offers rolling in. While I don’t see any major benefit in this form of social networking I am always trying new things and seeing what oppertunities arise from them. Hopefully LinkIn has some suprises up it’s sleeve in a world where it is mostly forgotten and the two main talking points are Facebook and Google+.